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The Campaign works with state and local governments, school boards, and other agencies to examine existing policies addressing civic education and generates and supports new policies to strengthen civic education statewide.
Policy Committee Chair: Gary Dei Rossi, San Joaquin County Office of Education

Senate Bill 1458 introduced by Darrel Steinberg was signed into law by Governor Brown on September 25, 2012. In summary, beginning in 2016, a high school’s Academic Performance Index (API) will be comprised of no more than 60 percent of standardized tests scores and more weight is to be given to Science and History. This provides an opportunity for civic education to play a larger role in how schools are assessed. For the full text of the bill click here.

Civic Education in California: Policy Recommendations: A report on the status of civic-education policy in California and recommendations.

Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 30, introduced by Assembly Member McCarthy, was signed into law in June, 2005. The bill urges the State Board of Education and all local school governing bodies in California to examine current practice and develop plans to increase and broaden emphasis on principles and practices of democracy.

Common State Standards Update

The California Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools supports the development of state standards in History/Social Studies and Science. For more information please contact Marshall Croddy (marshall@crf-usa.org or 213.316.2113). Below you will find letters that were sent to the National Governor’s Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers asking them to replicate the process used to adopt Common Core State Standards for English and Mathematics for the adoption of standards for the other two academic disciplines, Social Studies and Science.

Letters of Support for Common State Standards
CA Campaign AJR 39
CRF Support Ltr AJR 39
CA Campaign Common Core
LACOE Common Core

Three C-s of Education Petition Campaign

Remind all policymakers of the essential and historic role schools play in providing the knowledge, skills and disposition for informed and engaged citizenship!

CA History/Social Studies Framework Update

The California Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools would like to state its support of Senate Bill1278 sponsored by Senator Mark Wyland. The Campaign believes that it is critical to get the History/Social Studies framework revision process back on track. Therefore we support SB 1278 which requires the state board to adopt a revised curriculum framework and evaluation criteria for instructional materials in history-social science and science in 2011.

Sample Letter: Senate Bill 1278

CA History/Social Studies Framework Letters of Support
Alameda County Office of Education
California Council for the Social Studies (CCSS)
Fresno County Office of Education
Los Angeles County Office of Education
CA Campaign
Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF)


AB 2544 Update

We are disappointed to report that AB 2544, sponsored by Assembly Members Mullins and DeSaulnier, requiring the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to create a model civic education professional development plan for California was not enacted in this legislative session. Though it passed the Assembly easily by 71-3, sailed through Senate Education Committee with a 9-0 vote, and enjoyed broad support from more than a dozen statewide education groups, representing thousands of members, it died in the Senate Appropriations Suspense file with many other bills as a result of the state budget crisis. We are actively working to learn more and to evaluate next steps.

California Assembly Bill 2544

Sample Letter of Support for AB 2544 (MS Word)

Letter of Support – from California PTA

Letter of Support – from California School Board Association

Letter of Support – from Center for Civic Education

Letter of Support – from Sacramento County Office of Education


Six Promising Approaches in Civic Education

Civic Mission of Schools Report from the Carnegie Foundation of New York

Democracy for Some: The Civic Opportunity Gap in High School

San Francisco Chronicle (March 9, 2008): Voter turnout spotlights educational need

California Survey of Civic Education


Resolutions passed in support of the California campaign:

Testimony to Commission on No Child Left Behind, April 2006:



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Center for Civic Education and the Alliance for Representative Democracy.
This project is made possible by generous grants from the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Skirball Foundation